1. my nose hurts and i dont know why

    also this is the longest length of hair ive had in four years of high school and technically im not a high school student anymore but not yet a college kid so theres that


  2. mistintrees:


    nature’s worst OCs

    yaoi cat

    shoujo dog

    junji ito fox

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  3. fingerlesgloves:

    The Ballad of Dark Homer

    KC Green of Gunshow

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  4. thatfuckingcrowv2:

    dumbass with sword found dead with 2 gunshot wounds

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  5. gedenkenbrauchtwissen:

    The guy next to me in class tonight was googling “Andrew Jackson anime” for like an hour


  6. indypendenthistory:

    Two Russian workers eating black bread and soup at a table in front of a wall covered with propaganda posters, Magnitogorsk, 1931 by Margaret Bourke-White

    (via http://benatlas.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/a5c97604a4c19ad7_large.jpg)

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  7. jeremykaye:

    Totally radical, dudes!

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  8. i’ve been caught. and i tried to deny it but i couldn’t, so here i am.

    no im currently not willing to recover. i wanted to a few months ago but ding sometimes mental health issues are like that

    my mom keeps asking if im okay and if i need to see the psychiatrist.

    truth is- depression wise im fine. not happy. never happy. never excited or anything negative im just existing and ive accepted that ill never feel extreme emotions besides my insane rage. thats okay i am calm okay.

    but this thing is just flaring up again and i dont want to put out the fire, when its the only thing ive got.

    and i honestly dont know what to do. i dont know.


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  10. a conversation btwn me n mom

    (walks out of a bathroom. failed attempt to shit)

    mom- i havent hugged u enough today sit here

    i swear u lighter

    are you..?

    me- what mom no why are you saying these things (she been going on in the morning too)

    mom- i had a dream ok and you were.. (does purging hands)

    me- mom its a dream is dis some feng shui shit

    mom- no ok its a mom feeling


    anyway it ends and now im in my room. you feeling came too late babe you should seen me summer 2012, ber months 2013. x and y respectively. blue nails falling hair shivers blood the whole shebang.

    u fucking telling me tha u sense i got a fucking eating disorder from a two week relapse what

    the fuck mate

    im pissed. im insane and pissed. let me be just one thing. let me have peace.